Music Programming:

Our music directors are experienced curators in all areas and genres of music. Establishing and curating the right music vibe to enhance customer experience in each settings is necessary to the DNA of each venue. Programming frequent target playlist, and live entertainment to engage guest and maintain a lively atmosphere for staff and social awareness is an extended useful marketing tool. By creating a musical atmosphere it increases customer returns as well as drives sales for our clients.

We provide live DJs, host, and influencers to accommodate your business. Our strategic approach is to allow the brand and venue to be influenced by a curated music experience.

Digital Marketing:

We provide digital service to market our clients, venues and add key promotional elements. We produce content digitally through platforms from social media, newsletters, and email database. This includes providing unique marketing tools, original content, concept pitch, and campaigns via multiple digital outlets.

Events Coordinator:

We provide efficient results to bring a planned idea to life. Creating experiential events with the goal to maximize client partnerships and optimize your company value. Our event marketing & coordination team within the hospitality industries are built on the successful outcome of each event. Let us be your partner to set up and execute memorable pop-up experiences, private events, galas, fund raisers, product launch, and corporate events.