DJ Frank Roth

DJ Frank Roth

DJ Frank Roth with over 5 years of experience and over thousands of live appearances, Frank Roth has become one New York City’s most respected up and coming DJs. His unique style and versatility has allowed him to entertain crowds all over the east coast while performing a vast variety of mixes.

He was first exposed to the DJ world while attending Baruch College in New York City. It was then when Frank hosted his first show on WBMB College Radio that he fell in love with the craft. Roth went on and completed his BA in Management of Music Enterprises. Since then Frank has developed a unique energized “Open Format” DJ style built around a variety of genres including (but not limited to) Hip Hop, Latin, and Top 40 music.

Along with his acute professionalism Frank is coupled with an exciting energy that fills the room in every DJ appearance he makes. Roth’s hunger for success is stimulated every time he performs and fills the room with full force creativity. The Nightlife community quickly took notice of Frank Roth in 2014 as he was awarded “Best DJ on the Rise” in the nation-wide Latin Mixx Awards. Since 2014, Frank Roth has served as the show producer for the number 1 rated overnight DJ Self show on WWPR Power 105.1. With clients spanning from Hennessy US to the Office of The Mayor Of New York City, Roth has catered to his community DJing events from parade festivals to school functions. Through the sequence of his music Frank Roth aims to explore beyond the common to stand out in a crowd on and off the turntables thus earning him the nickname “The Elephant In The Room.” Roth embodies the versatile and vibrant energy of New York City and will soon become a house hold name on a national scale.

W Hotel (Times Square)
Stage 48
Tropix Long Island

DJ // Radio Personality
Resides in NY
Style of play: Open Format